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USB Lighter

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Minimum 3 ea.

Light up your candles effortlessly with a rechargeable plasma lighter.
  • USB Rechargeable Lighter -butane free, this arc lighter is charged by power bank, computer, car, socket and other chargers, about 2 hours full charged, convenient and eco-friendly.
  • Battery Notification -four battery indicators can display real time battery volume, remind you to charge it in time. When charging, the indicators will flash in sequence ,when 4 indicators all turn on, the electronic lighter is full charged.
  • Children Safety Design -to use the electrical lighter, need to slide out the ignition head and press the ignition button, prevent accidental touch.
  • Multipurpose - windproof and flameless design make the lighter ideal for BBQ, grills, outdoor camping and many other uses.

More than 400 times rechargeable

Lighter x 1
USB Charging Cable  x 1