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Garden Collection

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The Garden Collection is inspired by the best summery botanical aromas right from your grandma's backyard, paired with sensual notes of fruits & berries.

Your nose will appreciate these very special scent combinations, which are perfectly suited to the season!

These limited edition candles come in garden perfect jars 

And for a bit of extra fun, every scent comes with a plantable seed paper cover - which will sprout you some lovely fresh herbs for the garden in a few short weeks!

Garden Collection jars look just as classy burning on the back patio as they do in the living room, and are designed for you to enjoy both in and outdoors.

Did you know?

🌿 ❌ 🦟

Many botanical fragrances act as natural insect repellents - especially Tomato Leaf and Geranium. 

Another reason why these Garden Collection collection candles make wonderful porch companions!

Why Garden Collection:

  • Our first candle designed specifically for outdoor + indoor use
  • Unique & gorgeous scent combinations, perfect for summer
  • Classy glass jars that look beautiful & are great for re-use when you're done burning

  • Metal Lid completes the look, and keeps your candle safe from bugs & weather
  • Cotton wick provides a strong bright flame & great scent throw
  • Very limited edition run - enjoy while supplies last!

4 Limited Edition Scents:



Natural Insect-Repelling Scent

Top: Green Galbanum, Cucumber Peel, Citrus

Mid:  Rhubarb Leaf, Tomato Leaf, Jasmine, Rose, Iris.

Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla Musk

Opening with the exquisite and familiar tang of tomato leaves; luscious and vibrant with zesty top notes of green galbanum, cucumber peel and green apple. This blend ends on a perfectly balanced base of freshly picked raspberries and vanilla musk that brings an unexpected sweetness that keeps you coming back for more.


Top: cognac, green (fruity) citrus (lime, lemon) aromatic (rosemary, eucalyptus, fir)

Mid: fruity (pineapple, apple)

Base: vanilla, cedarwood

Just add a picnic blanket! Aromatic sprigs of herbaceous rosemary and fir start this scent off with additional top notes of mellow rum, and lemon peel. A heart of tart pineapple flesh brings an intense sweetness that mingles with base notes of white woods for an earthy finish to this intoxicating blend.


Top: Green melon rind with watery top note

Mid: Peach, Rose, Rhubarb, Basil

Base: Heliotrope, Vanilla, dry Moss, Sage


This scent warms the senses with bright top notes of Fresh Ginger and green melon rind. The floral and slightly musky sweetness of ripe peach is captured with middle notes of peach flesh, rhubarb and English rose that are finished on a botanical bed of heliotrope, Tahitian vanilla, and dry moss. Gingerroot Peach is the combination we didn’t know we needed in our life… until now


Natural Insect-Repelling Scent

Top:  Geranium leaf, eucalyptus

Mid: lemongrass

Base: citronella

This scent sparkles with brilliant top notes of freshly cut citronella stalks. This balmy blend captures middle notes of tangy lemongrass  and finishes on a heady base of grounding citronella leaves that creates an earthy and unmistakably balanced scent.


  • 7.5 oz of eco-friendly & slow burning soy wax
  • 45+ hour burn time
  • Natural plant based scents
  • 100% cotton wick
  • Re-usable jar complete with Metal lid

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