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Tealights - Unscented Bulk

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 Minimum 3 each scent

This bulk pack of 25 unscented Tealights is perfect for events, parties, spas & candlelight connoisseurs.

Each clean burning tealight will give you 6 hours or more of burn time, and unlike other tea light candles which come in metal molds, ours won’t get hot to the touch. (Ours come in plastic cups which you can handle easily without getting burned! Of course these are also recyclable and flame resistant)

A great choice of you want to light up a space without any aroma.

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Why Unscented Tealights Bulk Pack:

  • Bulk pricing - excellent value for this healthy & eco-friendly candle!
  • Great for events & businesses
  • Minimal, convenient packaging
  • Unscented - if you just want to enjoy the warm glow


  • 25 unscented Tealights per bag
  • 6 hours of clean & luxurious burn time per Tealight

Customer Review:

“If you have smell sensitive people in your house theses tea lights are perfect. They burn for a long time and they burn clean.”

Burning Tips:

  • Please remember to recycle your Tealights container after enjoying!

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